Monday, March 19, 2018

A New home for lots o' text

Hey everyone!

We are just putting together a blog now, this way it is easy for anyone to see what we are doing other than tweets and insta posts here and there. We will be using this for more text-heavy updates.

We've recently put our first title "Galactic Delivery" on steam, which will be available for purchase on March 23rd. We've have been getting a lot of really great feedback from people who have been testing our game. Ironing out bugs and enhancing features to make the best experience for our users.

There was an issue where influencers were posting videos and parts of their videos being muted because of the soundtrack. We have since, reached out to our distributor to get that situated. The album has already been released a little earlier that the game being out, which is available on a ton of mediums. Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, and probably some other places I can't even think of right now! We are looking to also have it available as DLC a little after the games release.

Yanni & Greg
Warp Path